A Trailer for the documentary MARIACHI: BRIDGING CULTURES
The mariachi program in the Wenatchee School District inspires, connects and empowers its Latino students, take at look at the ramifications for understanding cultural diversity, immigration and racism, academic success and a story of human migration in the Americas.


Este es mi México composed and arranged by Juan Manuel Cortez


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Made possible in part with a challenge grant from the Icicle Fund


In collaboration with
M&M Productions



Northwest Mariachi Festival 2009, Wenatchee, WA

A special project of the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center, this trailer received funding from the Icicle Fund and other regional sources. With additional support from the Community Foundation of North Central Washington, and local businesses in the Wenatchee Area, this is a trailer for a documentary, currently in its preproduction phase, that focuses on the power of a mariachi music program in the Wenatchee School District where more than one third of the student body are of Mexican descent.